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About two weeks ago I was checking the stats on my Flickr account, and noticed that I had some mail in my Flickr inbox. This is such a rare occurrence that I had to click over and see what it was. What I discovered, much to my delight, was a note from the Managing Editor of Schmap Guides telling me that one of my photos had been short-listed for inclusion to their publication.

The odd things about this were that I’d never seen a Schmap guide before (though I’d heard the name mentioned once or twice) and that I’d never submitted any photo to be included in their publication. It seems that the Schmap team goes looking around Flickr for images they’d like to use for various attractions in the areas their guides cover. They even took in to account that my work, though licensed under the Creative Commons to be re-posted, was licensed for non-commercial use. They asked me to approve the submission of my image for inclusion, and I was pleased to see the provisions they make for reasonably making it known that works are CC licensed.

After approving the use of that image, and marvelling at their ability to actually pay attention to, and knowledge of, the licensing of the work, I summarily forgot about it.

Flash forward to today, and I just found out that the photo was selected to be included in the guide. So, I’m officially a “published” photographer, and I didn’t even have to try to submit my photo anywhere to try to get it published. This is a funny old life sometimes.

What photo did they select? It was one of the photos I took of the Swan Boats while wandering around with Anna one day.

Swan Boats

Swan Boats

You can see it at the guide by following this link:

They only post a small version of it as part of the guide (to facilitate people using smart-phones to look at it), but it links through to the full sized image on Flickr.

Today has been a very good day.


- B

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  1. Travis says


  2. Ian Muller says

    Oh, that is the same sight that wanted to use mine a while back, I just went through their collection of photos. Cool!

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