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On Survival

There is something about a hard fought battle for survival that interests me to no end. Perhaps it’s a subliminal response to living in the urban jungle, where the most one needs to survive daily is a credit card. It could also be some sort of male instinct to hunt and live off the land. Whatever it is, part of me at all times just wants to wander off in to the woods somewhere and see what happens. I’m sure there are quite a few people who would very much like to see me do just that, and are possibly even wishing for a surge in the bear population to coincide with it. To them I say, “who will be laughing when I dump a bear’s head on your desk.” But I digress.

I was reminded of this fascination last night as I found myself watching a Man vs. Wild marathon on the Discover Channel. I was completely absorbed in watching the show’s host Bear Gylles get himself in to all manner of predicaments, and then show how he would try get himself out. Even though he does receive help during the filming of the show, as is required by health and safety regulations for actors, the show is cut in such a way as to make it a poignant dissertation on how you would actually handle the situation (if you were able to keep your wits about you, and that’s the big “if” of any survival situation, really).

Afterwards I found myself yet again wanting to hop up and try some of that. To go some place remote and try to either survive there or find my way back. Of course I know he is ex-special forces and has years and years of experience, on top of being in impeccable shape. I also know that I am neither of those things, and yet, a part of me just really wants to do it. Consequences be damned.

The rational part of my brain, coupled with a strong self-preservation instinct, took over at this point, and decided on a better course of action. Half of the battle for survival is knowledge, after all. So, as a start, I am going to chronicle as much survival knowledge as I can here. After this post you should see a new section on survival up at the top. I will be popping a new survival post in every once in a while, when I find a new scenario to play with, or come across some nifty tips and tricks. I will even be cataloging the basics at some point, covering things like knot-tying and how to build a fire. After all, explaining these sorts of things to someone else coherently is evidence you truly understand it yourself.

The end goal, as this knowledge accumulates over time, is to actually go out and apply some of it. At some point in the future, once I feel confident in my survival skills, and manage to get in to some sort of shape, I hope to be able to confidently indulge my urge, and give a mild Man vs. Wild situation a try. Anyone want to join me?

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  1. Ian says

    No… No I don’t…
    Of course I &$*#ing do! lol

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